Hazmat suit: the protective clothing

A hazmat suit or clothing covers the entire body as a protection against hazardous materials. Hazmat is a protection for hazardous things. Hazmat suit is used as preventative attempt to maintain the distance from harmful materials present in the environment outside the clothing.Such type of clothing’s areused for emergency crews, researchers, firefighters, or some other that can cause harm toother people.

Material and suits available
There are various hazmat materials and suits available for the protection purpose. Protection is required against toxins. These substances can be chemical, nuclear or biological. Hazmat suits are also very protective against extreme temperatures.There are some suits which have steel-toed shoes, specific fabrics, or in-built breathing systems. These hazmat suits are hot and not so easy to wear. This is their disadvantage as most of the people don’t use them for longer period of time.

Ranking for protective suits
There is ranking given to these suits on the basis of protection they provide. These suits are classified by some specific methods. Like in Europe, these suits are ranked as one to six. Type one provides the highest level of protection and type six provides the least protection. However, in the United States, they are graded as A to D. Level A provides maximum amount of protection and level D provides the minimum. The suits of each level are proper for the different work which involves hazardous material.

Different kind of Hazmat gear or suitsare now available in the market which gives varying stage of protection and that depends upon the material that is being used. There are two types of protection, type one and type two. Suits of type one are extremely suppression suits and gives high level of protection from all types of chemicals like solids, liquids, and vapors or gas. Type two suits are not made airtight. Thus, they provide strong protection against liquids and solids. No protection is provided by them against gases or vapors. These suits gives extreme protection to well trained firefighters so that they could deal with toxic and caustic substances. Normal turnout suits don’t provide so much protection. Hazmat clothing’s are not made against explosion or fire. Well in that case, “flash” protection is used.

When type one protection is worn, the condition inside the suit is 11-17 degrees Celsius and contains 100% humidity. Because of such reasons, medical monitoring is necessarily required before and after using these suits.

Hazmat suits can be worn at various layers but then it will decrease the comfort level. Hazmat suit comprises of water and air proof over suit, gloves, booties and hood too. These parts are generally tied up at the places like ankle and wrist to avoid the entry of nasty things. After the use of such suits in a dangerous environment the suits are washed off properly before their removal.

The initial layer is often uniform or single piece Nomex jumpsuit. These jumpsuits cover the wrists, ankles and neck and give the protection from fire otherwise, due to the fire flash, plastic suit can attach to the skin.The hazmat suits stand for the best attempt by modern science for protection of human beings from hazards.